Local Treats

You simply must try delicious Chambo (Tilapia) fish goes well with just about everything. Whats more, this is served super fresh as it is usually a catch of every day!

Nsima is the staple food of Malawi. Made of corn maize flour and water, the thick porridge like starch is usually accompanied by a range of stew or vegetables and beans.

Its truly a wonder that a drink thats available globally can taste so fanta-stically different in Malawi! Don’t believe us? Try the local Fanta and send us your thoughts as to why it tastes so much better than the Fanta found else where!

Kuche Kuche is Malawi’s local beer – drink responsibly!

Malawi has very few locally made spirits and this is arguably its best one. Please note that we don’t sell alcohol on site but will be able to direct you to local shops which stock a range of drinks and refreshments.

Mandasi are a local version of fresh doughnuts. A friendly warning: these are hard to put down once you try one, we suggest you limit yourself to a couple – then move away from the plate!

Malambe (Baobab Fruit) is a superfood with loads of fibre and antioxidants. Baobab trees are a common feature of the lake side. Currently being investigated for a possible role in helping people with diabetes

Malawi has a range of fruit seasons, April brings about an abundance of delicious avocados which can be served as part of breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Everyone knows that there is tea, then there is good tea. Malawi tea can only be described as refreshing and full of flavour. There are several brands but you will always find Chombe tea in every descent kitchen.

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